We Work with Some of the Most Innovative Restaurants Across the US

From single-unit owners to multi-unit restaurant groups, read how Orderly helps lower Cost of Goods Sold and increase profits in only a few months.

Brix Wine Bar

“[Orderly is] a lot more user-friendly than picking up an invoice with food on it.”

Lindsay Dutcher, Owner - Brix Wine Bar

Napa Deli

“I don’t understand how people have made it without Orderly.”

David Barraza , Co-Owner - Napa Deli

Figueroa Philly

“When you get caught up in running a restaurant, you have blinders on. [Orderly] really gives you a full picture of your restaurant.”

Danny Hizami, Owner – Figueroa Philly

Walloon Lake Inn

“With Orderly, I could tell exactly what I was paying. I just got it right from the app.”

Randy Hopkins, Chef - Walloon Lake Inn

Fork & Salad

“[Orderly] is very approachable for anyone. It's very organized and will evolve with you.”

Cody Christopher, Co-Owner - Fork & Salad

The Oystercatcher

"[Orderly] is such a crucial part of keeping us afloat."

Sara Hansen, Owner - The Oystercatcher

Happy Joe's Pizza

“[Food Costs] Take Me A Whole Three Minutes, When It Used To Be An Hour Or More. I Can’t Imagine Going Back.”

Travis Bark, Owner – Happy Joe’s Pizza

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