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Take the hassle out of Food cost and usage reviews

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Weekly Team Meeting Reviews

food cost review

Simplified Food Cost Review

Quickly review food cost, food spend, and sales at the top of each week’s staff review. See how your actual food cost (cost of goods sold) compares to your goal. Each week you’ll be able to see:

  • Food cost percentage
  • Food spend
  • Sales
  • Food cost
  • Total invoices

Food Cost Pricing Recommendations

ribeye food cost pricing recommendation

Tired of the pain-staking process of food costing? Having to price each ingredient one-by-one? 

Orderly automatically reviews your food cost and sends recommendations based on a variety of factors:

Above Market

Above Market

Get alerted when you're paying more than others in the market.

Price Creep

Price Creep

Get alerted when your price has slowly increased over time.

Pack Size

Pack Size

Can you save more by ordering more or less? We'll let you know.



Set a max price you're willing to pay. When you pay more, we'll alert you to a threshold limit.



Overpaid on an ingredient? We'll let you know that you should ask for a refund.
Ingredient Pricing Review

Reviewing Ingredient Pricing Has Never Been Easier

With Orderly’s restaurant staff review, you’re able to quickly review ingredients based on:

  • Highest Weekly Spend
  • Ingredient Price Up
  • Ingredient Price Down
  • New Ingredients Last Week

Now you’ll know your average weekly spend, last week’s spend, your most recent purchase price, and the current pricing trend (up or down).

High Usage Alerts

Over time, we learn patterns in your ordering, so if there’s a significant change in usage, we’ll alert you. 

If an ingredient is marked as having Unusual Usage, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have a a problem, but it might. So we alert you so you can double check to make sure everything is normal.

food usage

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