See How Napa Deli Stays One Step Ahead with Orderly

Orderly is within 3% of my bookkeeper’s findings

David Barraza, Co-Owner – Napa Deli

The Results


Reduction in Food Costs

When he shifted from running a store’s produce department to running an entire restaurant with his son, David Barraza had to find a whole new way to manage his food costs.

The Problem

David proudly co-owns Napa Deli in Fairfield, CA with his son Kyle. However, soon after opening, he realized that his history in produce (though helpful) didn’t fully prepare him for managing an entire restaurant’s menu. He would get help creating pricing targets or budgets by calling his old boss, but it wasn’t enough.

As a guy who cares a lot about managing his food costs, David needed his accurate numbers in a fraction of the time it was taking him.

Why Orderly?

David was looking for detail and organization in his numbers but didn’t have time for the work it would take. When trying to measure his numbers against his profit, he works best with visuals: Charts, graphs, and more. With no tech background, he couldn’t do that on his own. So when his son showed him Orderly, he was immediately hooked.

How Orderly Helped

“Orderly made me more aware of what we’re paying for each product,” says David. On top of that, he was able to see those numbers without manual data entry – eliminating many errors. He could even go back and check old invoices right on his phone, which helped when product was missing. He could then provide it to his vendor instantly.

He’s also driven to action by his Customer Success Manager, Nancy. He found that she cares deeply about the success of his restaurant. “She has so much ownership,” says David, “like it’s her own business.” She’s ready to help him at the drop of a hat and shows him how to better use Orderly.

“I don’t understand how people have made it without Orderly.”

Deliciously Accurate Numbers

David employs a bookkeeper to manage his restaurant’s finances. Mike was shocked to find Orderly’s numbers were within 3% of his bookkeeper’s findings (which, he admits, take into account additional things like labor costs). As he puts it, “That’s pretty awesome.”

I don’t understand how people have made it without Orderly.

David Barraza

Co-Owner, Napa Deli

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