See How Happy Joe’s Pizza Runs More Efficiently with Orderly

“[Food Costs] take me a whole three minutes, when it used to be an hour or more. I can’t imagine going back.”

Travis Bark, Owner – Happy Joe’s Pizza, Cedar Rapids

The Results


Hours Saved Per Week

Since he was a kid, Travis Bark has been around Happy Joe’s Pizza. But when he took over his very own restaurant, he knew his old-fashioned inventory processes had to change.

The Problem

Travis Bark’s father got started with Happy Joe’s Pizza in the 1970s. Since then, he’s always had a firm belief in an every-week, every-item inventory. When Travis took over one of his dad’s locations, he quickly realized that this full inventory every week was taking up way too much time. Especially since it was done on PalmPilots.

When the PalmPilots finally broke, Travis knew it was time to invest in new technology. He wanted something that would make it way easier for him to get his food costs in a fraction of the time.

Why Orderly?

Simply put, Travis needed software that not only saved him time, but gave him solid numbers, too. He felt good about his current food costs, but knew they could be better. As he puts it, he wanted “anything that makes it so I don’t have to think, or come in every day.”

How Orderly Helped Happy Joe’s

Travis was, at first, nervous about changing the processes he’d had in place for years. He’d ask himself, “How the hell is this a real food cost when I’m not counting everything?”

He quickly discovered he had nothing to worry about. He sent in all the initial invoices and sales data he was asked for, and got his numbers back very soon after. Now, he says getting his food costs isn’t about inventory anymore. It’s about coming in Monday morning, pulling up his sales, and punching it right into Orderly.

When he gets his numbers back, he doesn’t question them anymore.

More Time to Think Bigger

With food costs off his plate, Travis has had extra time to work with his brother (who owns another Happy Joe’s location) and plan for the future. They want to try out restaurant expansion, and Orderly is a big piece of what will make that possible.

With food costs accounted for, Travis and his brother know they won’t have to go to each location every day. They can see their numbers in real-time right from their phones, and then can communicate quickly with their various GMs

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If I didn’t have a tool to show me how to identify my revenue and manage my costs, I would go out of business.

Travis Bark

Owner, Happy Joe's Pizza

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