The Easiest Way to Get a Cost of Goods Sold

Get Your COGS in Half the Time it Takes Now

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You spend hours every month entering invoice data and sales data into spreadsheets. You do this to understand your profitability. What your restaurant’s Cost of Goods Sold is… But with Orderly, that process now takes 5 minutes.

Here's How the Food Cost Dashboard Works:

All Your Key Metrics in One Place

The Orderly Food Cost Dashboard is the central location for all your account’s key metrics. Get an overview of Food Spend, Sales, Purchases, and your Cost of Goods Sold. The dashboard is updated weekly to help keep your restaurant profitable. 

Compare Food Cost Trends

Quickly review your food cost percentage and food spend over a 3-month period. See how it compares to your food cost goal. Now you’ll know exactly what your Cost of Goods Sold is and what you can do to decrease it. 

food cost upclose
food cost budget trends

Review Food Spend Budget Trends

Get an overview of the last four weeks of food spend. Check for trends and notate any weeks for additional review. 

Know When You're Over Budget

Know exactly how much each supplier order effects your weekly food budget and get notified when you’ve gone over. 

over food cost budget

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