See How Fork & Salad Stays One Step Ahead with Orderly

“I had the same idea but you’re doing it 10x better than I could.”

Cody Christopher, Co-Owner – Fork & Salad Maui

The Results


Reduction in Food Costs

When you imagine Hawaii, you likely think of beaches and surfing. But this tropical paradise can also be home to high food costs, as Cody Christopher learned the hard way.

The Problem

Cody is the COO and Co-owner of Fork & Salad. He and his two partners wanted to open a fast, affordable restaurant with fresh ingredients, where they and their families would be willing to eat 5 days a week.

Being located on Maui, Cody and his team love to purchase local, fresh ingredients, even though they can be expensive. And when these prices went up, they unfortunately were passed onto the customer. Plus, with the variety of ingredients they use, it was difficult to keep track of prices. Cody tried to manage it all in one giant spreadsheet, but it took hours to input all the data.

The Easier Path

Cody initially wanted to create software himself. But, after conferring with a software designer friend, he realized it probably already existed (He was right). When he came across Orderly, he discovered that it “had the same idea and [it’s being done] 10x better than [he] would’ve done it.”

How Orderly Helped Fork & Salad

Now, Cody gets an accurate COGS weekly, easily keeps track of his invoices, and saves tons of time in the process. He describes it as a line in the sand: He either could’ve wasted hours taking a long inventory each week, or he could simply snap photos, update his sales, and get a more accurate number.

Now, he can find ingredient prices both old and new from the palm of his hand, instead of digging through his hard drive, combing through a spreadsheet and.. Well, you get it.

Plus, his spreadsheet was just one big formula. If he were to make one simple mistake, it would be a disaster.

Ahead of the (Price) Jump

With fresh produce, price spikes are a common occurrence. With Orderly, Cody sees them before they happen, and can make the moves to end them. For example, when he saw avocado prices spiking, he approached one of his four avocado vendors.

He walked through local and national avocado prices in the Orderly app, and told the supplier if he were to drop his prices, they’d shift their entire avocado purchase to him. Needless to say, Cody’s been saving on avocados ever since.

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[Orderly] is very approachable for anyone. It’s very organized and will evolve with you.

Chris Christopher

Co-Owner, Fork & Salad Maui

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