Create a Genius Inventory Guide with The Master Inventory Count Sheet Template

inventory count sheet template

The Master Inventory Count Sheet Template

Here’s the thing… inventory is hard.

You know it. We know it.

It’s universally hated… especially the part where you take a count on a messy paper inventory sheet.

We’re talking about that count sheet that’s been cobbled together from supplier price sheets, homemade inventory guides, and hand-written scribbles on notebook paper.

It just doesn’t work for taking an accurate inventory count.

We feel your pain… which is why we put together an inventory count sheet template.

It’s a template with over 350 of the most common ingredients restaurants have on hand.

It contains all the key data points you need to take a rock solid inventory.

And you can sort, add, delete, and re-arrange to build the perfect shelf-to-sheet guide.

So you can use it to create a genius count sheet customized for your restaurant.

You know inventory is important.

In fact, restaurants who take inventory on the regular increase profits by more than 24% a year.

But let’s face it… no one likes taking inventory.

It doesn’t have to be so hard.

Download the Master Inventory Count Sheet Here.



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