Simple Snap Feature in the Orderly App Eliminates Data Entry… No More Typing in Invoice Details… Just Snap and You’re Done

Get the simple snap feature in the Orderly App today!Orderly announced the release of its new simple snap feature in the Orderly App… and life just got a whole lot easier for busy restaurant managers. With a simple snap, invoicing is a breeze. All Orderly App users have to do is snap pictures of their invoices… and the app will do the rest.

Orderly App users log into the app and choose the Snap feature. They take a picture of their invoice and tap Approve. It’s that easy. App users no longer have to take the time to enter invoice details such as invoice number, dollar amount and supplier.

Now with a simple snap, Orderly App users can put their accounting on autopilot, get food spend and price trend dashboards, and update prices automatically on their invoice sheets.

What this means is less time processing invoices, less work because there’s no data entry, and a better customer experience. They can use the extra time they save for something better… like running their restaurants.

To get the simple snap feature, Orderly App users just need to log into the App Store and download the updated version.

Not an Orderly App user? Download this free app now!


Ben BaggettUpgrade Alert: Simple Snap is Here