Recipe Plate Costing Calculator – The Quick & Easy Tool for Finding Your Food Cost

No one will argue recipe plate costing isn’t important. Hands down, it’s valuable because it can you give you a down-to-the-penny look at exactly how much you have invested in each dish. And knowing your costs allows you to price your menu profitably. But, too often we see that the recipe costing exercise has gotten out of hand… I mean, do we really need theoretical food cost driven from the recipe plate costing module in our POS?!! That’s why we put together this handy Recipe Plate Costing Calculator. It’s the “easy button” for recipe plate costing. Here’s how it works…
  • Plug in your information… ingredients, budget, recipe name, etc.
  • The calculator will automatically estimate your cost per portion, cost per recipe, and actual food cost percentage
  • See an estimate of what your ideal menu price should be
This calculator is a simple and easy tool for figuring out your recipe plate costs. Download it today!
Ben BaggettRecipe Plate Costing Calculator