"Imagine An Easy Way To Check Your Supplier Pricing Based on Local Market Prices..."

(And it’s updated weekly, no matter what supplier you use)

"Let Me Show You Show You How Easy it Is to Check Your Pricing with Orderly's Food Cost Management Tool

"Orderly is the EASIEST Way to Check Your Ingredient Pricing Without The Need to Rely on Suppliers…”

From: Bill Jones
Subject: Stop Relying on Suppliers

Have You Ever Felt Handcuffed to Pricing?

You know what I’m talking about.

You want to save money in your restaurant

You see others paying less.
You know exactly what you need to do.
You know it will help your business. 

And then…

handcuffed to pricing

You’re Stuck…

They‘ have the power.

There’s no price transparency in the market. 

You don’t actually know if you’re getting a good deal.

It’s like you’re being held hostage by your supplier’s guarantee that you’re getting the “best deal out there.”

And even if you wanted to compare rates between multiple suppliers, something that should be SO simple…

It somehow takes up hours or days of your life. 

With each passing day, you care just a little bit less.

A bunch of time wasted… and so little to show for it. 

Don’t get me wrong, suppliers aren’t the bad guy, they’re just running a business. But here’s the kicker…

Sadly, THIS is Where Many Restaurateurs Stop Costing Their Ingredients

Somewhere between “you’re getting a great deal” and hours of time wasted on supplier pricing calls.

This is Why THOUSANDS of Restaurant Owners Are Taking Power Back from Suppliers

…Using Orderly to Gain Insider Knowledge on Pricing and Decreasing Their Food Cost FAST!

Everything You Need to Streamline, Check, and Negotiate Your Supplier Pricing in Minutes

With a few snaps from your smartphone, you’ll have invoices loaded and supplier pricing ready to check. 

Before Orderly, if you wanted to check your food vendor pricing, you had to PIECE together invoices, phone calls, and invoices…

It was exhaustive. 

And after all that?

You still didn’t have a clear picture of pricing and if you were getting a good deal. 

NOBODY Wants to Deal with All That Hassle!

With Orderly, you don’t have to. Orderly is automatic and done for you. No data entry. No sifting through invoices. 

Supplier Pricing has never been easier. 

Here's How Orderly Supplier Pricing Works

There are 3 Main Reasons Why Restaurateurs Typically Check Their Pricing

To Review Your Food Cost

To Find a Better Price

To Lower Your COGS

All Three of These Reasons Are Easy to Check inside of Orderly

Within 2 to 3 clicks of your mouse, you have IMMEDIATE feedback on your food cost, supplier pricing, and cost of goods sold. 

Track Your Supplier Pricing

With the Orderly Restaurant Food Index, you can quickly see how you’re doing…

With Orderly, you’ll be able to:

Compare Your Pricing

Quickly compare your pricing to local market trends

Review Line Item Details

Check quantity, pack size, units, purchase total, and unit price

Personalized Recommendations

Food Vendor Recommendations
Get recommendations on exactly how to handle an ingredient's pricing. Set min/max alerts to stop it from happening again.

Check hundreds of Prices

local market pricing for ingredients
Easily review market pricing for hundreds of common ingredients

Orderly automatically pulls information from your invoices, NO SETUP required. Just start snapping invoices and input your weekly sales metrics. We’ll do the rest. 

Thousands of Users Trust Orderly with Their Food Costs Ever Week

Happy Joe's Pizza - Orderly Customer

Orderly Has Already Helped Thousands of Restaurateurs

...Are You NEXT?

Like I mentioned above, you can get started with 14 DAY FREE TRIAL and see if Orderly is right for you. 

There’s NO CATCH!

It’s 100% Free, no credit card required, no long term contract to sign. Just 14 days to try Orderly and see if it’s right for. 

We believe the restaurant industry deserve complete price transparency and we’re on a mission to provide ever restaurant in the United States the ability to quickly check their food costs without stacks of invoices or hours of data entry each month!


Everything You Get with Your Free Orderly Trial

Online Invoice Management – All your invoices available online, anywhere – ($150/year value)

Restaurant Food Index – Food Supplier Pricing at your fingertips – ($1200/year value)

Cost of Goods Sold Dashboard – Food Spend, Cost, and Sales Dashboard – ($1100/year value)

Spend Recommendations – Get personalized recommendations for food spend – ($3000/year value)

Done-for-You – Line-items and invoice details captured automatically for you – ($2400/year value)

Total Value: $7,850 / year

Excited to Get Started?

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