Why Automate your Accounts Payable? 

Why Automate your Accounts Payable?

For whatever reason, restaurants are one of the last industries to embrace technology. Technology has easily allowed other industries to thrive, while restaurants are still in the dark ages using clipboards and pencil. 

We want to help improve the way you spend time in the back office. Automating your Accounts Payables is one of the easiest ways to streamline a historically time-consuming and manual task.  

Here are 6 reason why you should automate your Accounts Payables with us today! 

Save Time 

Automating your Accounts Payables easily cuts down the time that you used to spend manually keying in invoices and paying them. Let’s get you back in the kitchen and out from behind a computer! 

Cost Savings 

Automating your Accounts Payables saves on the time cost of a bookkeeper or accountant and streamlines your communication with them. You’ll also save on writing and mailing paper checks.  

Eliminate Manual Data Entry Errors 

Errors can easily occur when manually keying in invoices which costs you even more time when trying to fix these errors. Automating your Accounts Payables process eliminates data entry errors. Simply upload an invoice. We then digitize that invoice making sure your data is accurate and up to date. 

Schedule Payments to be Made on Time 

Time gets the best of us, and a late payment is the last thing you want. Using an automated Account payables system allows you to stay on top of invoice status’ and even schedule payments on time.  

A Digital Filing Cabinet 

Automating your Accounts Payables process allows you to easily digitize invoices and keep them in one organized space. Easily access invoices from anywhere without keeping them in a box in the back office. 

Reconcile Your Books Faster 

The faster you can reconcile your books the quicker you can find issues. Automating your Accounts Payables allows you to reconcile your books quicker without the manual data entry providing you with accurate data integrity and up to date books in real time.  

Interested in learning more and getting set up? Reach out to our team today! 

Andy Rosenbloom


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