Everything You Need to Manage Your Food Ops (Product Update)

Restaurant owners often want to solve problems with brute force.

They push to count a full inventory. Or they require employees to do it. Then they yell at them for not being accurate, or for ordering too much.

That approach doesn’t work. It just pisses everyone off. And it still leaves you with inaccurate results.

That’s why at Orderly, we use a data-driven approach to numbers.

It’s smoother. It’s easier. And it’s more accurate.

And with our new Food Ops release, we’re giving you even more accurate numbers. They’ll revolutionize the way you run your restaurant.

What’s New?

Our new release focuses on helping you reduce three business-killers:

  • Over-ordering
  • Waste
  • Theft

Let’s start at the top.

Now, Orderly can show you exactly which ingredients you’re over-ordering, so you don’t have to take a deep dive into the numbers yourself.

As long as you’re giving us the data we need (snaps and sales), we calculate it for you.

Then, you can take the numbers we provide and have productive conversations with your team to work on preventing it in the future.

This new update also provides you with a food waste log. You can easily find this in the Orderly dashboard.

You can download, print, and hang this waste log up throughout your restaurant. We even suggest having multiple. Put one in the kitchen. Put one in the bar. Spread them throughout your restaurant.

If there’s ever an issue, your staff marks it right on there. If something is dropped, broken, spoiled, miscoded… It’s now easy to identify.

No longer is waste swept under the rug or “reported” by an employee as they run past you with a stack of dishes in their hands. You now have a solid system to keep track.

It’ll help you monitor theft as well. With these set processes in place to mark wasted food, you can just consult the chat when something – like a nice steak – goes missing. If it’s not marked, you know you have a bigger problem.

End of Month Shelf Value

Your accountant, investors, business partners, and maybe even your mother are always breathing down your neck at the end of the month.

They want you to have a full shelf value.

But finding that takes you a whole lot of time. It’s a full count. Well, it’s an accurate full count. So you have to truly be thorough.

With Orderly’s new release, you’ll only have to count a small selection of items (say, 20 of your 171 items). We then use data processing and can provide your full shelf value with 95% certainty. We call it, “Smart Count”.

It’s a way better accuracy than if you asked your servers to count, that’s for sure.

Want even higher certainty on your numbers? Add a few more items to your list, and make your Smart Count even smarter.

So instead of counting a lot to get a lot of (probably inaccurate) information, you’re now counting a little and getting even better information.

Ordering Update

Ordering is the bane of every restaurant owner’s existence. That’s why we’re introducing a new feature to our Prepare an Order tool: Setting pars.

You should generally know how much you need of your ingredients.

But often, you just blindly order and don’t actually count how much you’ve got coming in. So then you’ve got a surplus. Or, you run out halfway through the dinner rush.

Now, you can set pars right in the app, and Orderly will help you track what you need to hit it.

The Power of Data

For too long, this industry has relied on brute force to get work done. And it’s worked… Though not very well.

But data is smarter. It’s faster. It’s more accurate. And it can save you thousands.

We want you to get out of that brute force mindset and into a smoother, easier, more profitable life.

At Orderly, we use our data-driven approach to make it so you don’t have to suffer in order to get what you need. No digging through old invoices and spreadsheets to see where things went wrong. Rather, we watch it all for you.

See what Orderly and our data-driven approach can do for you.

Danny Barry

As Orderly's Content Marketing Manager, Danny is always in the weeds of the restaurant business. He's having conversations. He's scouring the internet for research. He's writing until his fingers start to hurt. And it's all to help you run a smarter restaurant. When he's not writing about restaurants, Danny can be found eating at restaurants. Or, you may find him cheering on his beloved Miami Hurricanes.

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