92% of Restaurants Overpay Their Supplier… Find Out If You Are

92% of restaurants overpay their supplier

It’s a shocking statistic…

92% of restaurants overpay their suppliers for items they purchase every week.

And this results in thousands of dollars lost every month… just because they don’t know they’re overpaying.

What’s even worse than overpaying is the lost profit.

So… what are you overpaying for?

The Orderly app with price compare and benchmark pricing will tell you.

It provides a national & local view of price trends on over 100 of the most popular ingredients restaurants are buying.

Now you can see if you’re overpaying for eggs, onions, ground beef, and other items… and negotiate better pricing with suppliers.

The Orderly app is the industry’s first guide to prices restaurants are paying for their supplies.

The best part? It’s free.

Download the app, check your pricing, and make more money.

Ben Baggett

Ben is the Director of Marketing at Orderly, where he leads our efforts to teach the industry to use inventory and data to run a more efficient restaurant.

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