AP Automation is No Longer a Luxury. It’s a Necessity.  

Accounts Payable Automation

Technology in restaurant operations continues to play a very important role and is no longer a luxury but a necessity.  

Accounts Payable is the next back-office task to be taken over by automation eliminating the need for manual data entry and long invoice life-cycles. Restaurants are inundated with invoices on a daily basis. Keeping track of these physical paper invoices proves to be easier said than done. Paper invoices are easily lost, damaged or thrown in the trash before they ever hit your books. If a paper invoice does make it to your accountant, the time they are inputting with manual data entry is absurd. 

It’s not sustainable to maintain this analog process anymore. It’s time to manage your AP more efficiently with our automated AP technology.  

So, how does our Accounts Payable Automation Software work? 

Upload and Digitize: Your team easily uploads an invoice by snapping a photo as the delivery arrives at your kitchen. We then digitize that invoice and keep it in a digital filing cabinet. No more stacks of paper invoices on your desk! 

Invoice Coding: After snapping a photo of an invoice, our software digitizes each invoice pulling out the item, quantity purchased pack size and price. We do the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to.  

Approval Workflows: Customize your approver rules for as much (or little) control as you would like. Ensure your team stays on track and easily review and approve invoices, then move on with their day.   

Pay: Select the invoices you want directly from our app. Pay supplies by either cc, check or ACH. Payments are sent directly to your vendor! 

Accounting Integration: Map ingredients directly to your Chart of Accounts once. We’ll take care of it moving forward. Did we mention we work seamlessly with Quickbooks Online so you don’t have to? 

The key takeaway is that you can continue to use resources on a manual AP process, or you can embrace technology to automate manual tasks and focus on more important initiatives. 

Schedule time with our team to learn more today! 

Andy Rosenbloom


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