Food Cost & Labor Reporting

  • Know your Cost of Goods Sold and Food Cost every week – WITH or WITHOUT inventory!

  • Set Weekly Budgets to hit your Food Cost Goals

  • Balance Labor and Food Cost to improve your profitability

  • Local Market Pricing, Price Trends, Usage Anomalies, and more!


  • Take Key Counts or Full Inventories to calculate your COGS

  • Take Inventory on mobile, or download your count sheet from Orderly!

  • New ingredients automatically added to correct inventory list


  • Take a picture of an invoice from the Orderly app or drop in a PDF, that’s all you do!
  • Invoices digitized & transcribed line-by-line, even handwritten invoices!
  • Your GL Codes are automatically applied to each line of each invoice
  • Expenses can flow directly into your accounting software from Orderly!
  • Saves HOURS of data entry every month!

Recipe Costing

  • Easily build Batch Recipes and Menu Items in minutes
  • Adapts to substitutions and supplier changes automatically!
  • Plate costs & profit margins update automatically with each purchase!
  • Weekly cost trends identify ingredients harming your profit before the damage is done


    • Save HOURS ordering from all your suppliers in one interface
    • Use Par Levels to prevent Over-Ordering and Waste
      Refer to Local Market
    • Pricing to confirm you are getting the price you deserve!

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